Person Getting Tooth Extraction

Wisdom Teeth Removal and Teeth Extractions in Edmonton

Extractions are procedures where a tooth must be removed because of trauma or disease and in rare instances for orthodontic reasons. It is usually only necessary in only the most extreme cases, such as the tooth being damaged or decayed beyond repair or problems associated with wisdom teeth. Replacement of the extracted teeth is often recommended and may be accomplished using implants, bridges, or even partial or complete dentures. There are a few tips necessary to help heal and recover faster after the extraction procedure. Firstly, don’t smoke or rinse your mouth vigorously. Second, follow a diet we suggest to make chewing and swallowing as least painful as possible. If you experience swelling, you can apply a cold cloth or an ice bag to your cheek.

Timely Tooth Extractions

We use simple, safe, and comfortable methods for tooth extraction.
Patient With Partial Dentures Smiling After Results