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Tips for Dealing with Sensitive Teeth

Dr. David Osborne

Dr. David Osborne

Dealing with sensitive teeth can be a frustrating problem to have. It can make it difficult to eat comfortably or enjoy your favorite foods, and it can also contribute to anxiety and stress around visiting the dentist. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to manage sensitive teeth and reduce your risk of developing complications. Let’s look at some useful strategies for managing sensitivity associated with exposed dentine, broken teeth, and recession.

Exposed Dentin

Tooth sensitivity can result when the outer layer of enamel is worn away or damaged, revealing the inner dentine beneath. One way to address this issue is to use fluoride, which helps strengthen weakened enamel and reduces hypersensitivity. Some over-the-counter rinses and toothpastes contain fluoride, and your dentist may recommend prescription options as needed. Another approach is to apply topical varnish, which contains minerals that bind to the surface of the tooth and reinforce its defenses. Additionally, using a toothpaste specifically designed to address sensitivity concerns can help block pathways leading to the pulp chamber of your tooth and relieve pressure on vulnerable nerves.

Broken Teeth

\When teeth break, it can expose dentine as well as jagged edges that can cut tissue inside the mouth. Treatment depends largely on the severity of the damage, but some common repair methods include composite bonding (filling gaps with resin), onlays/inlays (restoring large areas of decay with porcelain or gold), and crowns (completely encasing the tooth to restore form and function). Your dentist can evaluate your specific case and suggest the best option(s) available to return your smile to normalcy.


Receding gums occur when the supporting structures holding teeth within the bone pull away from surfaces. As gum tissues move farther from their attachment points, root exposure increases, creating sensitivity. Grafting procedures involving soft tissue transplantation or graft materials from human or animal sources aim to reverse these effects and secure the site long term. Depending on the extent of recession, non-surgical alternatives like periodontal splint therapy may suffice. By connecting neighboring teeth together via lightweight wire appliances for several months, pressure on individual tooth arches is distributed more evenly. Overall, managing sensitive teeth requires attention to multiple factors related to tooth structure and gum health. Talk to your dentist soon about customized care plans that prioritize comfort and convenience alongside achieving optimal oral hygiene goals. The sooner you begin addressing the challenge, the faster you can get beyond this temporary annoyance. Remember, your dentist wants to assist you toward renewed vitality and confidence in both personal interactions and public situations. With a willingness to work alongside your trusted provider, you’re capable of successfully navigating this minor hurdle to reach bigger aspirations beyond.


In summary, dealing with sensitive teeth should not deter one from maintaining proper oral health habits and seeking professional treatment when appropriate. By identifying the source of sensitivity through assessments by your dentist, utilizing medicated pastes or strips as directed, adjusting your daily routine based on personal feedback, and considering restoration solutions where applicable, you can actively confront sensitive teeth challenges head on. Moreover, knowing how to effectively communicate changes in conditions and any questions during appointments ensures accurate diagnoses, clear explanations, and successful outcomes.

Remember, dentists welcome inquiries and observations from patients eager to preserve good health, so don’t hesitate to ask! And although sensitive teeth might feel insignificant in comparison to other life struggles, taking action towards resolution empowers individuals to conquer obstacles great and small. So remember: If you’re ready to tackle the twinge and commit to responsibly mitigating sensitivity – your smiles deserve lasting protection that will pay off down the road. We wish you success in this endeavour! #sensitiveTeeth #oralHealthAwareness #professionalTips #DentistryDoneRight

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Dr. David Osborne
Dr. David Osborne
Part Owner of Heritage Dental Centre Edmonton with over 5 years experience.