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Taking Care of Kids Teeth

Dr. Siew Tan

Dr. Siew Tan

In addition to helping your kids to eat and speak, healthy teeth are important for your children’s overall health. If kids establish an oral care routine early in life, they’re more likely to maintain the practice into adulthood.

The Stages of Dental Care

Here’s how to take care of your children’s teeth from birth:

  • Before teeth grow in, wipe their gums twice a day with a soft cloth to stop bacteria from building up.
  • When their first teeth start to come in, graduate to a very soft baby toothbrush that won’t irritate their gums, which may already be sore.
  • When they’re about 2-3 years old, bring them to the dentist for their first appointment. Afterward, they should see the dentist twice a year.
  • Once they have several teeth, brush your kids’ teeth twice a day for two minutes at a time and start to floss when the teeth are big enough to touch.
  • When they’re about seven, they’ll be able to brush and floss on their own.

At all stages of their development, children should be encouraged to drink water instead of juice or pop. Healthy eating habits are just as important, and they should snack on vegetables, fruits and calcium-rich dairy products instead of chips and candy.

Making Oral Hygiene Fun for Kids

Here are some ways to make taking care of teeth fun for kids.

  • Give them a choice. Let them pick their own toothbrush. There are many toothbrushes on the market that feature cartoon characters or bright colours. Some even light up to let them know how long they should brush.
  • Make it a family activity. Kids love to mimic their parents and brushing your teeth as a family shows them that it’s not something you’re forcing them to do, but an important task that everyone does.
  • Use a timer. This will ensure that your kids are brushing their teeth for the recommended two minutes, and many kids love to watch the time go down.
  • Find a great family dentist. A friendly dentist that the whole family visits is your partner in ensuring that your kids teeth — and your own! —are healthy and strong.
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Family Dentistry in South Edmonton

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Dr. Siew Tan
Dr. Siew Tan
Siew has worked at Heritage Dental Centre since 2002 and has over 20 years of dental experience.